CTPH is regional and national hub providing infrastructure, services, community engagement, and workforce development to achieve precision health-delivering the right intervention to the right person at the right time-broadly and equitably to improve both population and individual health.


To support innovations that let us develop proactive and personalized solutions to health problems that consider genetic, behavioral, and environmental health factors and incorporate patient preferences for care.

About CTPH

CTPH is a public/private partnership led by Baylor College of Medicine (BCM) and the University of Houston (UH). It provides research support by creating an integrated network of research service cores and community organizations. UH and BCM have collective strengths in translational research, basic science discovery, health informatics, pharmaceutical sciences, education, and community-engaged research. These strengths are leveraged to develop, demonstrate, and disseminate health-focused innovations across Texas and the US.

The Consortium connects healthcare organizations public health agencies, and community-based organizations, all of which serve one of the most racially and economically diverse populations in the country, fertile ground for developing the innovations that ultimately advance precision health and reduce health disparities.

Our Goals 

CTPH has four major goals to support research across the translational spectrum and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of clinical and translational science.


Goal 1 

Develop and disseminate new technologies and research methods that advance innovations and transational science


Goal 2 

Reach and engage special populations across the lifespan to reduce disparities and improve population health


Goal 3 

Educate and train a diverse and inclusive translational workforce to improve the efficiency and generalizability of clinical and tranlational research


Goal 4 

Create a culture that supports team science to collaborate and transform translational workflows